Archbishop Desmond Tutu Visits Dharamsala

Recently someone asked me who I’d most like to meet that I’d never met.
Because of my work I’ve met so many people I admire that the question was not as easy as it seems, but I answered almost without hesitation “Desmond Tutu”.
So when I got a call saying that the Archbishop and his wife were making an unscheduled trip to Dharamshala to see His Holiness I grabbed my press pass and gear and went (even though that same day I was leaving on a two month trip to Europe and the U.S…..and hadn’t finished packing).
I wasn’t disappointed.
To be able to have two of this era’s greatest spiritual heroes in the same frame was really special.
The love these two have for each other is obvious to anyone who’s ever seen them together.
It happened to be Bishop Tutu’s 80th birthday and as he was leaving Tibetan schoolgirls broke into a chorus of Happy Birthday to You.

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